To me, clothing isn’t a blank canvas but one that has been shaped and marked by my own mental state and perspective. It serves as a reactive instrument, providing a new space in which to process existing concepts. In this manner, the clothing I am creating is more a realistic reflection of an imperfect me rather than an imaginative romanticization of an ideal me.

Taking inspiration from the works of Japanese graphic novelist Katsuhiro Otomo, this particular collection explores the idea of coping with the unwanted inner anxieties. It’s about the concept of two connected entities. An outer struggling to contain an inner within itself however, the outer is unable to maintain control over the inner and in its desperation, it attempts to neutralize the inner i.e. through medication.

This overall theme becomes tangible in pieces that look large and oversized but are constructed to feel fitted when worn and pieces that flirt with images reminiscent of a medical environment. The garments depend on contrast both in their materials and colours, juxtaposing organic wools and cottons with man-made neoprene as well as neutral tones paired with a severe prime red.

Exploring these ideas in a visual and tactile environment offers me the freedom to step back and reexamine the underlying processes that drive such reflections and concerns. In bringing these concepts from the mind and to the cloth, I can allow the pieces to realize their full creative potential and as well as engage in personal exploration.